Gngeo2x With 44100hz Audio Working!


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Oct 9, 2005
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We (probably..) all know GnGeo2x, the GP2X's famed NeoGeo MVS/AES emulator supports 22050hz and 11025hz (decreased quality) audio. But as discovered by a friend, merely altering the parameters in the config file will let you easily set 44100hz audio too! This results in a dramatic improvement of audio quality while maintaining very good performance. I can't test it out myself at the moment due to my D-Pad being only half-installed at the moment. However, he reports ~60 FPS operation in Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move at just 266 MHz! I can't wait to try this at 305 MHz. :D

Now, the logical suggestion is to add this selection to Rage2x which, IIRC, only lists 11025 and 22050hz right now! :)

Here is the config file syntax if anyone is unclear. You can just copy and paste this into a fresh config file and use it as-is, or customize it to suit your needs. Bear in mind, what might differ from your setup is that the Romset directory is called mvs-rom and the BIOS Files are in a /bios/ dir.

# GNGEO resource file for the GP2X

# Where is the bios
biospath ./bios

# Where your rom are?
rompath ./mvs-rom

# and the drivers file ?
romrcdir ./romrc.d

# Play in fullscreen?
fullscreen false

# Which blitter? GP2X only support soft mode
# soft
# opengl
# yuv
blitter soft

# Which effect? GP2X don't support effect
# none	
# scanline
# scanline50
# scale2x
# scale2x50
# scale2x75
# doublex
# sai
# supersai
# eagle
effect none

# Enable the raster interrupt?
raster false

# scale the output image. Don't use anything else on your GP2X :) 
scale 1

# Have interpolation?
interpolation false

# Have sound?
sound false

# Shown FPS
showfps true

# autoframeskip control
autoframeskip true
sleepidle false

# enable joystick support ?
joystick true

# enable the 68k inline debuger? (disable the sound)
debug false

# Use hardware surface for the screen? The GP2X use only hwsurface
hwsurface true

# Convert all tiles at loading time 
convtile true

# Use PAL timing? (buggy)
pal false

# Sample rate
samplerate 44100

# country?
# japan, usa, europe
country usa

# system type? arcade or home
system unibios

# NRX-style hotkey configuration
# GP2X can have 2 hotkey bound to flippers
# Only fire buttons (A-D) can be combined
# A = 1, B = 2, C = 4, D = 8

# Samples:
# Map CD to P1 hotkey 0
p1hotkey0 1,2
# Map BC to P1 hotkey 1
p1hotkey1 4,8

# The rest of this file is unuseful for the GP2X...

# Joystick configuration
# Joystick mapping
# 0 <-> /dev/js0, 1 <-> /dev/js1, etc..
p1joydev 0
p2joydev 1

# Buttons/Axes configuration
# AXE_X_DIR and AXE_Y_DIR is use to invert an axe
# ex: some joystick have the Y axe inverted (up <-> down). For them,
# use -1 for AXE_Y_DIR will solve the problem.
# hotkeys are optional (ie need not be mapped to buttons)
# use -1 to "unmap" a hotkey.
# Samples:
# hotkey0 = button 3, hotkey1 = button 0,
# p1joy	 4,1,5,2,9,8,0,1,1,1,3,0
# No hotkeys
# p1joy	 4,1,5,2,9,8,0,1,1,1

p1joy	 2,3,0,1,5,4,0,1,1,1
p2joy	 1,0,3,2,7,6,0,1,1,1

# Key configuration
# please see SDL_keysym.h for key definition
# or push F4 during game : the keysym code of
# keys will be printed (also work for joysticks) 
# same thing as joypads for hotkeys

# Azerty configuration: 
# p1: w,x,q,s,&,",up,down,left,right
# p2: l,m,o,p,é,',NUM 8,NUM 5,NUM 4,NUM 6
#p1key	119,120,113,115,38,34,273,274,276,275
#p2key	108,109,111,112,233,39,264,261,260,262

# Qwerty configuration:
# p1: z,x,a,s,1,3,up,down,left,right
# p2: l,;,o,p,2,4,NUM 8,NUM 5,NUM 4,NUM 6
p1key	122,120,97,115,49,51,273,274,276,275
p2key	108,59,111,112,50,52,264,261,260,262
DBH posted on Aug 31 2006 at 06:43 AM said:
305MHz?? I can't even get past 270Mhz <_<
I feel your pain :D Mine is becoming less stable now over that speed :(
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subcon959 posted on Aug 31 2006 at 05:07 PM said:
Mine instantly crashes the minute I go over 250!

Likewise, but it should still be just enough for some of the less demanding games.

Although to be honest I can hardly notice the difference between 22050 and 11025 in most games, at least not using the GP2X's speakers. Thanks for the tip though; I'll have to try it out on Street Hoop :D
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I've been using 22050 since the start.. I just tried 11025 and it sounded bloody awful. My hearing isn't even that great but I could definitely tell the difference.
i can only overclock to 275 and i was using 44100 however switched to 22050 as the speed in games was rather attrocius such as metal slug and captain tomaday and especialy the last blade iirc

however this was before the mmu hack