strange behaviour with pcsx rearmed


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Feb 13, 2010

in fact there are many different problems:

with pcsx rearmed i have launched the game "formula 1 2001", it loads but when the game starts the car has very stranges behaviours, it is really really speed. when i accelerate it is so speed that it is uncontrollable. Same problem when i turn left or right it turns very quickly and goes in walls and stops turning after some seconds after i release the buttons...(it is what i called "strange behaviour")

so i thought it was a problem with the speed configuration (i have the 1ghz pandora) of the emulator or something like that.

so i searched in the options what could resolve the problem. i changed the bios setting and some other stuff but nothing helps.

my 1st question do you have an idea about what could help please?

some changements need to be saved to take effect so i have "save configuration for loaded game" but the configuration i have set, crashes the game and the emulator, and now each time i want to load this game, it crashes because it loads the bad configurations i have saved for this game. i can't load the default configuration for this game because when i load it and press space key to change configuration i can't access the menu and i have to wait that the emulator crashes.

so my 2nd question: is there a file that contains the configuration for this game and that i can delete to get the default configuration for this game and have it load normally?

on an other game i have searched how to use the nub rather the d-pad.

i have changed some settings in the "controls" menu but without success.

my 3rd question is: how to use nubs as joystick?

with this game i have also used the "save configuration for loaded game" choice.

now with this game the start button is not active (i can't stop the introduction video by pressing the start button and i could do it before today). i have choosen the load default configuration and saved it for this game but another time without success..

my 4th question how to retrieve the start button function for this game?

my last question^^

"f1 championship season 2000" loads until the logo of the game appears and nothing else happens, it freezes at this point. why? (tryed with 3 different cue/bin pal/ntsc files)

maybe there is something in the options to change/test?

thank you in advance
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For analog support i went to nubs configurator in settings and changed both the nubs to joysticks.  Then loaded pcsx go into controlls, change port 1 device to to analog, then rescan devices; both nubs now work as analogs in PCsx.  This was the first time I used analog mode on the Pandora. So not sure weather changing the nubs to joysticks is necessary (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) or whether the rescan is necessary either.  However this way does give you the analogs you desire. Have you tried re mapping the start button?
it doesn't work. during the game when i move left/right in the menu and select languages for example, it is always the d-pad that is active and the nub doesn't do anything.

(the nub as joystick is not practical. i have the start menu in "autohide" position, so it was very difficult to display the start menu with the stylus. the pandora key doesn't show menu when it is autohide.)
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Hmm soz dude doing that worked for me. Does the game your trying to run support analogs? I tried first on a game which disnt use Analog sticks and they didn't work. I then did what I did in the post above and ran a game I knew for sure used analog sticks and both nubs worked perfectly as analog sticks.
ah i didn't know there is a link with the game tested, i thought the "left" signal could be activate by d-pad or nub independently of the game according to selected type of port (analog or standard)

[edit] you are right, i've just tested with a driving game and nub is accepted for directions.

one thing about that. no need to have the nub as joystick in the pandora os. you just need to set the port 1 as analog in the emulator without rescan and that's all^^ it is more convenient [/edit]
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That formula 1 game needs cache emulation, and that is difficult to emulate so it's not supported propery.
are you talking about my 1st or my last question? ("f1 2001" or "championship season 2000")
I'm not sure, I've read in somewhere that some F1 game does difficult to emulate things, haven't checked myself - might be both of those games actually.

As for configs, they should be in <SD>/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/.pcsx/cfg (or similar) directory.
As for configs, they should be in <SD>/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/.pcsx/cfg (or similar) directory.

i have only: <SD>/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/screenshots

and <SD>/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/bios

i have not a <SD>/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/.pcsx/ folder.

is it an hidden one? if yes how to have it visible?
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