Giving A Movie I Own On Dvd To A Friend...


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Feb 15, 2003
SO here is what I was thinking...
I know all about the copyright crap for DVD's and ripping them and so on.

BUT what If I took a MOVIE like KILL BILL vol1 (that I already own on DVD) ..ripped it and formated it for my own viewing (on GP32) then let a friend use a copy of it. Would it still infringe on the copyright laws?? OR...What if I only let him "borrow" the divx-ed movie.

Tell me what yall think...

Personally I think its still against the law...but it never hurts to
Probably if you both watched the film at the same time.

Actually I think lending films is against copyright laws anyway, copy or no copy.
I am just saying that if I happened to let ...I dunno.....bringoutthegimp "borrow" a movie he wanted to have on his GP32 such as ...I dunno...any movie he wanted. I wouldn't mind doing it......IF it wasn't against the law...

*get my point*
Axeman posted on Jul 15 2004 at 10:44 PM said:
Yep - the DVD-lending police would be straight around his house to pick it up and give it back to you with a stern warning...
hahaha. cant wait till my dad gets his new tv recorder. then i can rent and copy. KICK ON
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