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Jul 12, 2009
Hello everyone,

Im kinda new here but i was thinking about (when they finnally go into mass production) getting a pandora console. However, i'm not very found of programming in just a notepad-like structure. So, i use a program called Game-Editor ( to program games. Its a wonderful program because it can create game for windows, linux, pocket pc, gp2x, etc... with only a few mouse clicks.

However, before i buy a pandora i want to make sure that the games i create with game editor will play on the pandora.

in this post i have the files that i made with gameeditor. its only an application with a pacman icon in the center. when any button is pressed the icon moves to the right. I would like to know which buttons work with the pandora console, or if the application will even start up.

If someone could test these files on their pandora for me it would be much appreciated. the files r named mover and one runs in 640x480 and another in 800x480, which i believe is the native screen size of the pandora.

files-> on mediafire

I really want this console but i need to make sure i can easily program with it.
thx in advance.

I havent been having much luck getting answers on that site lately, but thx for your opinion. I still would like someone to make sure... better safe then sorry i go for...
Well, I looked at the website, and here's what I think.

The wiki says it's compatible with ARM processors. That means that it may or may not run on the Pandora. I don't know what type of file as which it exports the games.

Even if it is not compatible with the Pandora right away, it's open source, which means that someone will probably be able to port it. You should probably wait until the Pandora comes out to see if it works. If it doesn't, go to the ports request page of the Pandora wiki and post it up there, if it isn't already done.
the gp2x is open right? just like the pandora.
The pandora is however, much more powerful then the gp2x. and is also open.
Both consoles use a open linux OS.

So there's no reason it shouldnt run on the pandora.
once again, thx for your opinions guys. GE is "technically" open source, but there have been troubles doing anything at all to it... Does anyone have a first batch pandora to test these with though?
borgqueenx said:
i just took a look at game-editor, and seems pretty fun to make a game that way.
But i wont use that app, couse i wanna make a 3d game.
Any easy apps for that?

not that i know of. you can do isometric or raycasting with GE... all the true 3d stuff costs a ton and isnt nearly as protable. :(
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I think Germot was going to port GLbasic for the Pandora, the only problem with that is the IDE/compiler is written for windows, so you have to compile on Windows then put the program onto a Pandora to test it, should be possible to port the IDE, but I don`t know if Germot would be willing to port the compiler to ARM (haven`t used GLbasic much, just the demo).

in Windows I use Darkbasic, I just wish they would port it to Linux, the only reason I keep windows around is for games and Darkbasic, if there was a decent games basic for Linux my Windows box could be dedicated to games only, and all my serious/favourite software would be on Linux machines.
The first batch hasn't shipped yet, so at this time, the only folks who can do any testing would be those with development hardware. ;)

Best of luck - I'm quite interested to see if this will work or not.
The thread's barely been open for an hour, man, have some patience.
Maybe Pickle can look into this if he isn't busy testing everybody else's programs as well and making Quake or whatever run.
Don't worry I'm very patient, I didn't even expect a reply today, I'm just making sure it stays on track :)

thanks btw to all you guys who have replied, uve all been helpful :D

thanks for the tip lul.
borgqueenx said:
the gp2x is open right? just like the pandora.
The pandora is however, much more powerful then the gp2x. and is also open.
Both consoles use a open linux OS.

So there's no reason it shouldnt run on the pandora.

I can think of a reason. Targeting the GP2X doesn't guarantee immediate compatibility, especially if everything is static compiled, or utilizes GP2X-specific optimizations.

But there's no reason it won't eventually be supported.

Edit: I'm a huge supporter of programs like this. I got introduced to creating 2D games through TGF and MMF. It really gave me a solid framework, understanding how games work, before I started getting into actual coding. Now - and I find this rather funny - my friends taking C/C++ college courses frequently IM me to ask me how to code something for 2D games.

My favourite language is Javascript. :p
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hehe im a c++ guy and, although i can use standard programming tools, GE is just so darned fun, which is why it really needs to work on this device. Im no wiz (no pun intended) when looking at its source code... just a load a rubbish to my eyes, so i prolly wont be able to port it, though im sure someone could... but itd be nice if i didnt have to wait. GE exports to linux executables so yes, if the pandora runs a linux OS it should work.... but still... im cautious, lol
Running that demo on my BeagleBoard, it says './mover: line 1: syntax error: "(" expected'
Don't know if that's because it's trying to run the binary as a shell script (or is otherwise confused) or if there's some sort of cross platform magic that isn't quite doing what it's supposed to do.
I can't find any information about actually running it on ARM. Is there a separate program that I need to download? Or perhaps you need to compile your game in a different way? Because these binaries run just fine on x86. I'd heard there are ways for a single Linux binary to be processor independent, but it doesn't seem that this is the case here. Or it is, and there's just something not quite right about this demo "game".
Lol the demo is fine. I can run it here. Let me try posting it as a gp2x file. Obviously different consoles, but both with arm processors. Thanks for trying! Here give me 5 minutes and I'll have those files up as a gp2x file to test

[edit] here u go -> gp2x export for pandora

make sure to click on the gp2x in pandora file

Dude, seriously, thx for trying these out!

a Linux executable is still an x86 program, you need to compile for Linux and ARM, a gp2x executable might run if it`s not trying to do anything that's specific to the gp2x alone, a native res screen with some text should work ok.