GBA Favourites

Mega Man Battle Network Series -This was my first mega man game for the GBA and i loved it the system is very different then the other games with the battle chip system.

Legend of zelda a link to the past/Four swords adventure- It is really a port of the Snes version and it has a multiplayer mode.
I really liked Bomberman Tournament. The single player quest was pretty fun.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
was probably my favorite, though.
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Metroid Zero mission

Metroid Fusion

Zelda: Minish Cap

The Sims: Bustin Out

The Sims 2

Astroboy: Omega Factor

And yeah, all 3 Castlevanias!
Never owned a GBA, but I seem to remember a friend owning Turbo Turtle; it's a marble rolling game of sorts.
Pokemon for known reasons, once you get over your own barrier that is telling yourself it is a "kid game" it can be quite funny. if you get into it, especially emerald, you easily can have 150 hours or longer fun with a single savegame.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance; fine game, turn-based strategy roleplaying. Unlike the other FFs, you have to also move the characters on the battlefield. Bad story and cast IMHO, but the gameplay and the customization makes up for that. You have a total of 300 missions which can easily take up 150 hours to complete.

Fire Emblem & FE: The Sacred Stones: At first glance a bit similiar to FFTA, but it offers less customization but a very much better storyline and cast as well as dialouges. Oh, and it definitivly harder and more tactical than FFTA.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow: A nice CV game, taking it roots to Simphony of the Night. If you liked that, you will surely like this as well.