Gay marriage declared legal across the US in historic supreme court ruling


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Oct 8, 2005
So awesome!! Happy for everyone :D I have many LGBT mates and they're celebrating right now :wub:

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A step in the right direction, perhaps, but in a lot of states that doesn't change very much. You can legally get married one day and then legally fired for it the next, legally denied life saving medication, legally denied service of practically any business.

Also keep in mind that the most homophobic states tend to also be the most vocal and carry the most guns. I saw it in an infographic on the internet once so it must be true. But seriously, even if it isn't true I've seen enough to not be disillusioned into thinking that it's going to be all sunshine and rainbows: people are definitely going to get hurt because of this, ignorant folk are going to have a violent backlash. I hope it is small but I have no doubt that it will not be zero. Gay marriage is legal and people will get murdered because of it. Stay safe.
The only reason that this was ever an issue to begin with is because governments have a tendency to meddle where they shouldn't.
To me a marriage is a contract between two (or more if you're into that) people consenting entities. Why a government (or church for that matter) has a say in that is beyond me.

There are two problems at play here. First, the government has attached many laws and rights to marital status (as said, this is the core problem and should never have happened in the first place). 

This change now equalizes the playing field for an important group. So, congrats to all non-heterosexual Americans (i.e. all the homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and whomever I may have left out). 

The second is that of social acceptance. Apparently up till now a sufficiently large majority of the Americans have been pushing to prohibit this change.

Unfortunately a change of law will not directly lead to a change of heart and intolerance will continue for quite a while to come.

At least once the law stops discriminating then discrimination by individuals or organizations can be rightfully called out by its name.

To whomever this applies, good luck.
A step in the right direction, perhaps, but in a lot of states that doesn't change very much. You can legally get married one day and then legally fired for it the next, legally denied life saving medication, legally denied service of practically any business.
For that reason there are anti-discrimination laws, at least here in germany we have these. Means you can't get fired or have other disadvantages just because of your sexual orientation, skin color, gender, religion etc...Every country should have such a law.
Yeah, I was mostly happy about this news because it happens way too rarely in the US that laws are removed/fixed if they violate the constitution...
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congratz to all guess the US just got alittle more free, now if we can just get marijuana legalized i could be free to live my life one day i hope
I'd strongly disagree. Marriage in my opinion is something important, even sacred. It's not discrimination to exclude other groups from it;

as marriage was not conceived for anything but the union of a man and a woman. It was simply never meant for such a thing;period.

Gay people were allowed to marry in Ireland just recently.

-My opinion they should have been granted the legal rights and allowed to form their own union or marriage like bond. 

The bond of marriage was meant to filter down to the children in providing a stable family environment, which hopefully led or leads to future good and useful members of society.

Legalizing gay marriage will not change peoples thinking on this issue, as you cannot force change peoples hearts and minds, be it sound or flawed reasoning.

Sadly I believe the union of marriage, which was already greatly fading, is now defunct in Ireland. Your messing with things that have greater ramifications.

I understand though that it's an implicit belief that marriage is just a simple joining of two people; and yes here's the bit I'll truly get flamed for but I believe marriage was is god given; it was a gift and something important.

I was sad when the so called equality referendum was passed in Ireland, tbh.

On the other hand I don't advocate a lack of compassion or hatred in any form.

Honestly all I saw was people regurgitating stuff that the "media" was spamming us with for fifteen years or so. People were truly uninformed and voted accordingly.

This notion of equality for everyone in everything is driving me nuts; facebook only hired 7 black people. Was it discrimination or just life? Are their offices largely based in white dominated areas?

My point is that life is tough, unfair and sometimes we don't get all the shit we want, or even a fraction of it. Al lot of people with personal grievances are using this inequality notion to get what they want.

Life is unfair, random and the percentages are never perfect.What in life is precise, perfectly even, accurate and utterly predictable; Nothing. Why then would one imagine that all things and all people can be perfectly equal;never gonna happen not if they try for a hundred thousand years. Foolhardy not to mention pointless; there are more important issues in the world rather than self indulgent crap.

Whatever happened to grin and bear, soldier on, because sometimes that's what you have to do.

Ok, end of rant...
I used to be against gay marriage. I also thought it was a religious ceremony, and as much as I am anti-religion, I believe they have their own rights just like myself. I thought gays should be given something like a union so they get all the government benefits of being married.....until something rather obvious was pointed out to me which I never bothered to think of myself. Marriage pre-dates religion. Your's, his, hers, from this part of the earth to the other, from one race to another. Your religion is younger than the notion of marriage.
@Wrath of Khan: Why can't people's thoughts and hearts etc be changed? I'm sure people thought the same way about slavery and votes for women too (among other things); now look. Let's actually look to the future and learn from the past.

Edit: Also, in response to your equality in the workforce rant: it's about equal rights, not equal numbers. But you're comparing apples to oranges anyhow.

Let this be a time of happy celebration anyway. Another positive change in our society :)
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This trepidation will fade when humanity identifies marriage as the bond under law between two souls who love one another. Optimistically, I hope to see the trend in my lifetime when we’ll drop the word gay altogether and refer to them as simply people, which is what they are.  ;)