Fs: Non-working Psp + Pandora Battery W/ 2gb Memory Stick Pro Duo


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May 21, 2003
California, USA
I know this Marketplace is supposed to be for things related to the GP32/GP2X/XGP, but I've seen many others sell PSP stuff so I'm guessing it's okay now. If not, I sincerely apologize for the mistake and you can delete/lock the thread.

I have a non-working, fat PSP and a Pandora Battery (Sony Battery 3.6v 1800mAh) with 2 GB Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo for sale. The memory stick came with the Pandora battery that I bought from Amazon.com, so it should have all the necessary files to change firmware/unbrick. I bought the Pandora battery thinking that it would fix the PSP, but the screen still doesn't turn on (I hear/see nothing, but the power, hold, etc. lights do stay lit up the whole time). The PSP is in VERY used condition. The screen and case has a lot of marks, etc. I guess if you can get it working you'd have gotten a working PSP (and modded with custom firmware?) for dirt-cheap, or it could just be used for parts, I guess.

I'm looking for SOLD for the Pandora Battery & 2GB Memory Stick.

I'm looking for SOLD shipped for the PSP.

PayPal and CONUS only, please.

Thanks for looking.
Orkie said:
Any idea how much postage for the PSP would be to the UK?
At this time I would like to limit the sale to the Contiguous United States only. Sorry :(
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At that price you may as well put it on eBay. They go for twice that even non-working (at least on the UK eBay) :S.