From Bedrooms to Billions (film)

Ah, good-oh that they have a couple more backers thanks to you two!

I really hope they make the 'extended' amount and make it a really great document.

cheers guys :)
Awesome find!

@Wrath of Khan Probably (at least digitally).
Just watched the little snippet on kickstarter from Jon Hare on making of Wizball.

...I'm keen for this docu now, will be good
Great stuff, just backed..

Fantastic to see all those old faces contributing.

I remember being introduced to Ron Hubbard at a trade show years ago & to my eternal shame couldn't manage much more than something vaguely resembling a greeting & staring at him in open mouthed incredulity (still a big fan).. thankfully he was very nice/patient, but must have thought I was on day release from some secure hospital.. happy days!
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Secured my ticket for the premier screening later this month at Earls Court, anyone else attending that?