Free Atari 8 And 16bit Stuff, Etc


Internal Development
Mar 11, 2003
Some of this I may keep, but let me kow if you want any of it; you pay shipping, or I can drop it off if you're near Toronto Ontario :) Some kind soul gave me this stuff awhile back and I'm going through to see what it all is.

8 bit stuff:

Assorted 5.25" disks .. ANTIC magazine, various utilities and DOS extensions and such

Anyone know what this Atari Pill cart is?

Atari 1050 Disk Drive manual (a thin one and also a thick one)

Atari BASIC (covers it in a half dozen languages .. Eng, German, Fr, etc :)

Head Cleaning Kit (5.25")

Atari PAddles (new in box, for Atari 2600, and every other Atari :)

SAMS Programmers Reference Guide (400/800)

COMPUTE's 2nd and 3rd Book of Atari

Your ATARI Computer Guide (400/800)

Demon Attack 400/800 new unopened box

Manual: Indus GT? A word pro or DOS replacement?

St/Mega/TT/etc (16 bit)

Manual: STalker III (a terminal program for dialing out)

Manual: NVDI 4

Manual: Deskjet utilties PAK

Manual: Neodesk 4

Manual: JMG Hyperlink (like Apple hypercard)

Manual: Diamondback 2 (a hd backup tool)

C-Manship (learn to code in C for Atari ST)

Manuals: Simcity, Populous, Waterloo

full Calamus SL desktop layout

Wizztronic DEKA2 - keybooard/joystick/mouse extension box

(no disks for manuals, but you can get the software online pretty easily)

I'll likely keep the 1050 manuals, the 'your atari' book; I'll make copies of the ST/etc manuals before sending them off so I can keep a copy myself (NVDI 4 for instance), but thought maybe someone might need some of these things.

Do your bit for society and give it to charity shop :D
Or sell it and keep the money for yourself
but im sure some mum or gran will walk into the charity shop and give it to their son/ daughter and say,look this is what i used to watch my boyfriend play. And that kid will learn all the greatness of old-school gaming