For Sale: GP32 £30, & SWC £160 (photos inside)


Still Fresh
Feb 6, 2006
Hi everyone,

Quick update: My Pandora has now sold :)

Still for sale:

White GP32, case, leads and a memory card. £30 ONO.

Super Wild Card (16MB version), a SNES, and hundreds of games to play on the SWC. For this I am looking for around £160.


Thanks for reading!

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This is the link to my Pandora which I have also listed on ebay as I figured that me being a new poster to the boards may put some people off...

I have been able to list it cheaper on here though due to not having to pay the ebay fees.
I have no idea! It just auto appeared on the listing and whenever I edit it I can't see a way to turn it off.
Ha, maybe Ebay is selling it as an option, and they'll fix a busted Pandora. I'll see that to believe it. Good luck on your auction!