File Manager


Nov 8, 2010
I noticed there are some file managers on the Wiz, but is there a file manager for the Caanoo, so for example, I could plug in a USB disk and copy files to my SD card?
Check out “Bennu File Manager”. I uploaded it a few minutes ago :),0,0,0,116,734
WONDERFUL!!! especially the keyboard! will be good to enamble in the web browser ;)
Looks like it will work good, but I can't understand the instructions at all.

I can't figure out how to copy a file..
Great! Wonderfull! .This should be the reference ,another programm that i never will delete!
Eh, it's fairly buggy. I love the UI, but it needs a better English translation.

But here's the funny bug, when copying a large 100MB file, the total progress bar is normal, but the current file progress bar starts going balistic and showing random numbers, including negative numbers..
I suggest: L and R to switch between folders, Y - to view the file, I - help, Home - exit the program.
What would be nice, is a means of just asking where to copy a file. For example, you select a few files, select Copy, then it ask "To:" with the folder selection window. The way it is right now is odd, and for some reason it keeps defaulting to some D: drive that doesn't actually exist. It should remember the last used directory perhaps..
Hi folks. I didn't made/ported the application. I just uploaded it. Well, I actually edited the .gpe file in order it read the bennu runtime within the folder and made the awful “title.png”, but that was all.

I already told fbustamante about this post so he can read about the suggestions and the strange bug.

Btw. There is also a Wiz version :) (,0,0,0,116,553 )