Exult - Ultima Series


Still Fresh
Jan 5, 2011



Exult is being developed in C++ under Linux, MacOS and Windows using the SDL library to make porting to other platforms relatively easy. The current version supports much of the game's plot, allowing you to talk to NPCs, use items, solve quests, and even fight monsters. Music, speech, and the full introduction are also implemented. This, and further development, is only possible due to the work done by other fans who have decoded the various Ultima7 data files, especially Gary Thompson, Maxim Shatskih, Jakob Schonberg, and Wouter Dijkslag.

Exult aims to let those people who own Ultima 7 (copyright 1993) play the game on modern hardware, in as close to (or perhaps even surpassing) its original splendor as is possible. You need to own Ultima7: The Black Gate in order to use Exult, and we encourage you to buy a legal copy.

None of the people involved are affiliated with Origin Systems or Electronic Arts in any way, nor are those companies responsible for, or even aware of, this work. Do not contact them about anything to do with Exult.

Note: You need to own a copy of Ultima 7 to run Exult, and you may also need SDL 1.2 if you are building from source.

Source: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/exult/exult-1.4.9rc1.tar.gz