Extracting chip tunes from SNES games

second exodous

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Sep 27, 2005
Utah, USA
I swear back when I first got my Pandora there were programs you load up a rom file and could extract chip tunes from it. I know on the Pandora there was a player but I can't find one for PC. I'm doing a play through of an obscure SNES game and I can't find the intro music for the game and I need it to put as back-ground music to drown out all the cut 'ums' in my video, I have the title screen paused while I give a short history of the game and say 'um' like a million times.

Does anyone know of a program like this? I thought maybe a SNES emulator did it but I can't find an option in SNES9x or zSNES.
ZSNES can do it (you have to define a keyboard shortcut), SNES9x should do it as well (I saw it mentioned in the SPC file format description).
I found a site with the chip tunes and it turns out Audacity plays them, witch is cool, then you just export to .wav. The site I found had just about every game, Japanese and other regions, so if I do any more play throughs I'm sure I can find the games there.

Thanx though