Encouragement to experiment


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Jul 28, 2008
Recent posts about the fear of experimenting with software, configurations etc. made me write this.

The most common fear seems to be to mess up stuff while experimenting with settings.

Although there might be some cases where you can mess up a configfile to the extend, that you cannot start a program anymore, there still is no chance to permanently damage the Pandora or the program.

So if you want to change some things in the configuration of a program and you are not sure if you won't break anything, follow these simple instructions:

1.) Make a backup of the appdatadirectory of the program you want to play with.

2.) Do your modifications and experiments.

3.) If you mess up something, just delete the appdatafolder and copy back your working version, you saved before.

The appdata folder should be the only thing programs write to, that you can modify.

The pnds themselves cannot be modified and so they won't break permanently.

The same is true for your system. Most configuration options are saved in the home folder. If you backup this folder regulary, you should not have any trouble getting your custom configuration back after a reflash by just copying your old files to the homefolder again.

The Pandora itself cannot be bricked as there always is the possibility to reflash and restore it to it's normal configuration like this.

The pnds have all their data saved to their appdatafolders, so the program settings, roms and stuff are not lost if you have to reflash.

So this should encourage you to experiment, because this is what opensourceconsoles are all about. You never have to fear that you brick the console by installing custom firmware.

It is designed to be open and to be a playground for hackers and developers.

Edit: Don't forget that you can also post useful tricks or configurations for the programs here in the forums for others to try. That helps the whole community in the quest for the software to run nicely on our device :)
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In this case the person who demands this should just buy an iDevice.

I would say we are not idiots, are we?
Yes, OpenPandora is the pocket computer for smart people.

There is plenty devices designed and marketed for the lowest common denominator.