E-ink Screen

By utilizing all that dead space between display and case.
Magic would be an alternative but most lame people here prefer physics over magic.
Maybe there's also the need to connect another bus to the mainboard, that was complicated even for the main display.
No, i meant, it fitting i can imagine, but a display at that place, how is it suppose to fit along the case surface?
Either we have drop in or we need another clear plastic cover.
I was testing to use my non e-ink phone for reading purposes to get a bit less stuff in my pants, but i did decide to go back to the dedicated E-Ink Reader as its much more pleasent for th Eyes and in direct sunlight, the Phone is quite useless as a E-Book Reader..

These E-Ink Screens great for Book Reading Stuff but not for Pictures that change quite often .. so not sutuble for the Pyra ..
Also the Pyra Screensize is much too small for really enoyable Book Reading..
The Pandora is super good as ebook reader, you can use it horizontally with one hand (on the left you can scroll with the D-Pad, on the right with Page-UP / DOWN), or vertically also with one hand (scrolling with the touchscreen).
Brightness and font sizes can be changed too, also depending with the program used, many more functionalities can be present.
CoolReader and FBReader are both good... and if you want to take notes and things like that there is Xournal, that with the precision of the stylus is perfect.
Size of your library is no issue with two SD slots and USB ports.
You have hours of battery, and you can also underclock to get even more... you can put it in standby and reopen it as fast as pressing a switch...

Another useful thing is that Calibre is on the repo, and it's a must to manage and convert books from one format to another.

The Pandora it's a completely autonomous device for reading and managing books.

I mean, the only missing thing could be the e-ink display, but it's a pretty specific thing, while all the rest is already happily adapting to the ebooks needs.
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Shure, you can quite easely read stuff even on an Non E-Ink Screen, this is something i do whit my Ipad whit Newspapers and stuff since i bought me this thing last year, and for Science Based stuff you need for Study, where you need also to look on some color pictures which dosnt work on these BW E-Ink Screens an Non E-Ink is much better suitable..

To save up some Pocketspace im now reading the stuff on the go on my Phone, its also works good, but traws lots of Batterie

So i would suspect its also work good on Pandora...

There is one thing that LCD Screens are not good at: Reading in sunlight ..

The same whit my old Apple Watch and the Garmin Instinct: The Apple Watch got an LCD whit Touchscreen but its only readable when you light up the Backlight , whyle this Black and White Screen on the Garmin works the same as an these Screen you had on old watches: its needs the backlight only in darkness..
WTF that refresh rate is impossible !! :confused:
That's because I understand it is not E-ink (rotating multi-hued balls), but monochrome/greyscale LCD with a reflective back layer.

Liliputing reports:
Daylight Computers says its new Live Paper display is “like E Ink, but faster” thanks to a 60 Hz refresh rate. While the company isn’t providing a lot of details about its paper-like display technology, the screen is a black and white reflective IGZO LCD display that’s easily viewable in direct sunlight.
Display Ninja: IGZO versus IPS
Android Authority: Display technology explained: A-Si, LTPS, amorphous IGZO, and beyond
Profolus: IGZO Display: Advantages and Disadvantages

More information from Android Authority (found it after typing the above):

Android Authority: A first look at the Daylight DC1, the tablet with a potentially game-changing display

It confirms it is a carefully engineered LCD.
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You did not enjoy it. But 5" ought to be enough for anybody.
Using the Pandora at University as my main companion was the most I ever enjoyed an electronic device.
The vague hope that I can get back this feeling some day is the only reason why I am still dedicated to the Pyra.
Using the Pandora at University as my main companion was the most I ever enjoyed an electronic device.
The vague hope that I can get back this feeling some day is the only reason why I am still dedicated to the Pyra.
I can relate 100% with this comment. Pandora was my device for everything duiring my career and some years afterwards.

I is still think it is the device I enjoyed most in my life. And the only reason I keep coming to this forum is to relive that feeling.