Does Wrestlefest Work On The Caanoo?


Still Fresh
Nov 3, 2011
Hey there!
I just ordered my Caanoo at the start of the week and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival! :)

I just have one question which I can't seem to find a definate answer for anywhere.... Is it possible to get Wrestlefest working on the Caanoo somehow?
I know it usually works with Mame, so if it was compatible with the most recent version of Mame4All that would be awesome!

Thanks again for all of your help guys! Really can't wait to get to grips with the Caanoo! :)
It's not listed in gamelist.txt, so probably not unless it's also under another name. WWF Wrestlemania is, if you can stand the photosprites.
I'm pretty sure it only works on the the Final Burn emulator, but it hasn't been ported yet....
final burn is avaible for the wiz, so via ginge you can not try to try if it works ;)
hey there guys! Thank you so much for the quick replies!
So from what I understand the only option would be to run Final Burn through Ginge in order to get Wrestlefest working?
Has anyone had any success with this method?

I'm completely new to all of this, but WrestleFest is pretty much the only arcade game that I want to get working on the Caanoo, so I am pretty desperate to get it working if at all possible. :)
I'm pretty sure Final burn does not work on the Caanoo in any form, I'm not sure why it has not been ported yet..
Wow this is sad news! :( So no-one has Wrestlefest working on a Caanoo?! Damn! Maybe I should have bought a Wiz instead :( Sad times!
Heck it even works great on the Dingoo., But we still might get a port of FBA for the Caanoo yet :)
I really hope so! :) I know Wrestlefest is one of the most downloaded games for Mame, so it makes sense for someone to find a way to get it working eventually... Is there a way to get Raine running on the Caanoo? I know I had Wrestlefest for Raine years ago :)