Does Pyra use the Same Hinge as Pandora?


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Oct 1, 2006

Does the Pyra use exactly the same hinge axle as the Pandora? Are they the same part? Does it only lock open at 180 degrees?

I believe it is the same part, but the Pyra case is designed to apply more friction, so that it should stay at your preferred angle without any help from the hinge, certainly a lot better than it ever did on the Pandora.
The hinge locks at about 160 degrees (very much like the lock position of say a nintendo DS). It can go full 180 and the friction is enough to comfortably hold the hinge in place at any angle between about 5 degrees and the locking position. The hinge actually feels very sturdy and high quality.
Good that the screen angle is like a Nintendo DS. My main issue with the Pandora was the 180 degree hinge. I swapped my Pandora's hinge axle with one for the origional DS to decrease the screen angle and it works great.

I coverted my Pre-preorder (#117) into a Pyra Preorder today. An original DS hinge is a lot harder to find nowadays. Thankfully, I will not need to swap the Pyra's hinge.

Thanks for the responses
The Pandora Hinge Lid is quite "Flappy" if you try to play on the passenger seat on the Unimog ^^,
Whit our next Unimog, i doupt i would be abble to play as i drive myself more often, and im now rather read on my Ebook Reader at journeys than playing games..
But its nice to hear that it will be much more sturdy on the Pyra
Really important question. I love my pandora but the hinge is so bad its almost unusable in any condition with minor bumps. Glad to hear we can expect it to be better.