Dino Defense ["missing game" from 2012 Rebirth Compo, reupped with permission from iprice]


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Jul 2, 2012
Referring to the 2012 Rebirth Compo, which happened just weeks before my time,

one entry appears to have totally disappeared and I cannot find it neither in the Compo link nor the repo nor the Internet as far as duckduckgo has indexed it :

Does anyone know what happened to the celebrated Dino Defense pnd by Ian Price @iprice in the past 11 years?
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As far as I remember it was removed from the repo just after the competition, the author made it downloadable only from his official site, because he wanted to finish the game and sell it... but I don't remember that url anymore :$ ... and unluckily I suppose he never finished the game...

What a time it was... I hope at some point to experience something like that competition for the Pyra too...
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What a pity.
I suppose it is not right or respectful then to ask if someone still has that pnd and would share...
Thanks, did not think of archive.org, will try my old Windows Laptop for it now

EDIT Requires Touchscreen so I can't...
Found an email and thought I would ask...and let him know that 11 years later we still talk about it.
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Haven't tried it, based on the version number it seems to be the latest version.

BTW I love the Tower-defense genre - my favorite is ninjatown for NDS that can be played on Drastic. Finalized all levels multiple times on A rating. So if you are looking for another challenge and haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it.
He has gotten back :) and sent me the game!
He has retrieved it from the SD card and it plays great. It has the levels from the first world.
@b_o_b The above one doesnt work for me out of the box but I have bookmarked the compo topic where @iprice who did not have a Pandy at the time of the compo gave instructions how to start it and everyone has managed it then so I'm going to try if archive.org indeed maybe has a later version. Thanks for the help!

EDIT Here it is, shared with permission but expect no updates, after all it's been 11 years ;)

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