Darkplaces shaders


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Sep 9, 2008
I know, you love to play with shaders.

Then grab darkplaces binary from here. Get your data, and place this shader file in a newly created glsl directory.

for plain quake that's id1/glsl/default.glsl.

Is there someone that want to give this some more fps ? :D

EDIT: here are my current patch over lastest darkplaces svn.
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Jan 21, 2006
Admins - I posted this in the wrong thread so delete this post if you want - its a dupe now.

Hi sebt3!

Yes, DP is next on my list of games to test. I hope I'm a bit nearer now to getting Q3 GLES running as I have the Maemo port compiling on my Pandaboard as well as its dev (Intel and ex-Nokia dev) helping me out so hopefully I'll have Q3 GLES running soon. I've not tried running any Openpandora binaries on my Panda like you linked to just yet - I suspect text only apps may work if compiled for the same arch but I'm on armhf here and Pandora is armel but at least the DP dev (Lord Havoc) has tipped me off on how to compile it for GLES2 in this Phoronix thread:


The other big discovery for me since I last posted here was that Pickle has ported Hurrican to SDL/OGLES! I've got it compiling on Pandaboard but there is a prob with the graphics which means I can't actually see the game yet:


Finally, mcobit has kindly uploaded the source to his rRootage OGLES port. I've had a quick look at compiling it but:

1 - It links against -lGLUES_CM and I don't think I have such a lib here. I don't suppose regular -lGLU would work would it?

2 - Not sure if I should leave -DPANDORA in the CFLAGS

3 - -mwindows - do I need this too? I'm compiling rRootage natively on my Pandaboard and not under ming / crosscompile

4 - What do I do about -L/mnt/utmp/rrootage/lib and -I/mnt/utmp/rrootage/include

Thanks mcobit!
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Jul 28, 2008
I don't want to derail this thread, but I'll answer what I can here:

1/4) gluescm is a lib provided in the pnd. The pnd has the appropriate lib and includefolder in it. You can grab the libs from there. They might just work on the pandaboard, too. The include and libdir that is defined in the makefile is just where the libs are found. You can change that to where you copy the libs and includes from the pnd.

Pnds can be extracted with unsquashfs or latest 7zip beta.

2.) I use -DPANDORA for pandoraspecific stuff like controlchanges etc. So you might want to remove that. -DHAVE_GLES is for the gles conversion parts and should be kept.

3.) I have no clue why it is still active in the makefile. You shouldn't need it.

Hope is helps.
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