Could you give us an overview of the Pyra prototyping phase?


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Aug 30, 2010
Please note that this is in the Ask ED questions section so at least give ED (or anyone else with direct knowledge) a week or two to respond before chipping in.

Hi ED I tried asking this in the keep cool thread but it seemed to get lost and would probably be better here.

Your updates are hugely appreciated of course but if you could find the time to give an overview of the prototyping process it would be much appreciated.

I'd love to know :

Q1) How many prototypes are there?

Q2) Who has got them?

Q3) What are the main goals for the prototype phase? FWIW My guess is : OS Software polishing, Hardware bug Hunting, Solving the 4GB issue, Dealing with heat. Have I missed any major goals?

Q4) Do all the prototypes have the same board version? I seem to remember that some changes were made to the board to increase stability of the 2GB versions (cleaned up / boosted signals?)

Q5) If the above answer is No then do any of the 4GB prototypes have the latest board version?
i would like to know that also and also was wondering about the cases, if they got done before the month long break they take
Not really... Had over 300 orders to ship last week, a fullday camera job yesterday and am in the hot phase preparing the GamesCom (product catalog, etc.) while also dealing with the final Pyra stuff... Aand hockey season starts next week again - so... Yay.

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300 Orders on Dragonbox sounds pretty great, even if it's means a lot of work, but it's also means that you get a lot of money for your company (to pay for Pyra Parts per example)