GP2X Color Scheme In Gp2x?


Jan 5, 2004
I was just wondering if the color scheme of the GP2X is the same as on the GP32.
I mean, if it's still a 16 bits colors, with 5 bits for each component and an intensity bit.
I want to port my OKF Font Engine to SDL and need this info to optimize the rendering.

I hope squidge or any other with the GP2X devkit can answer this question.

Inopia posted on Sep 28 2005 at 01:44 PM said:
There's 8bit, 16bit (5:6:5) and 24bit modes

So now it's a true 16bit mode with 64K colors like 16bit mode in Windows.
Well, that means less graphic conversions between PC programs and GP2X programs.
But it's a problem for me as my font compression algorithm was optimized to 15bit (5:5:5) colors. that means that my font can be at most 15bit fonts. Well, I supose it's not a real problem, as 32K colors should be enough for fonts.

It's great to see that now we'll have also a 24bit mode.
Do you know if the screen is really 24bit or just the graphics controler?

BTW, is there anybody interested in seeing this and others of my libraries ported to SDL?
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On the GP2X, the linux kernel sets up the display as 5:6:5, so most apps will be using that. However, using the extra green bit doesn't seem to make any difference, so the real values are probably still 5:5:5, but the video processor expects 5:6:5
A good font engine would be great! On GP32, the most feature-rich ebook-reader (!reader) unfortunately uses a really atrocious fuzzy font, I'd like to see a reader with a proportional, clear and crispy sharp font that is easy on the eyes.