ColecoPlug (Colecovision USB Adapter) ready for preorder

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    Some of you here probably already know about that adaptor, but as it's now finished, here's an official post :)

    Please let me know if you have any further questions - and I'll try to answer them as good as possible.

    What is the ColecoPlug?

    Coleco-1.jpg Coleco-2.jpg

    The ColecoPlug is a small adapter which you can plug into your original Colecovision (where you usually plug in the original power supply).
    This small plug enables you to use a standard USB-C power supply (like the ones used with smartphones) to power your Colecovision (or any accessories that use the same power supply as well).

    As it's hard these days to find power supplies for the Colecovision, this is a great way to keep your system alive. And it works worldwide, regardless the region!

    How does it work?

    The adapter has an up-converter as well as a voltage stabilizer included.
    It uses the 5V it gets from the USB power supply, stabilizes it and creates stable 5V, -5V and +12V from it which powers the Colecovision.

    As the Colecovision needs quite a bit of power, you need to use a proper USB power supply as well. Any power supply providing 2A or higher should work without any issues.

    Thanks to the voltage stabilized, even cheap USB power supplies that provide less than 5V work fine - but it's still suggested to use a good one.

    Has this been tested?

    Yes, of course!
    Multiple users here from the AtariAge boards have received prototypes and tested them with various Colecovisions. Modded and unmodded, with accessories and without and from various regions.
    It works without problems.

    Also, we presented it at our booth at the GamesCom in Germany where it powered a Colecovision 10 hours a day for 5 days. No crash, nothing!

    CE / FCC testing has also been finished already. In case you're interested in the testing results, I've attached them to this post.

    You can also see a quick video of an early prototype here:

    How much does it cost and where can I get it?

    It's around 35 EUR without VAT and excluding shipping, and you'll get a bit off when you order 2 or more adapters.
    In case you choose Amazon Pay as payment method, the payment will be captured when the item ships.

    With other payments, you need to pay right away but can always get a refund until it's being delivered.

    You can preorder it here:

    How many will be produced?

    We're planning a production run of 500, however, if there is a lot of demand, we'll likely produce more.
    Got questions? Let me know here [​IMG]

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    Sounds great, i dotnt have a Colecovision, but this adapter should help users whit broken powersuplys, also its pretty usefull if you take the CV whit you on international Conventions, as USB is the Same everywhere on this Planet, (you need just a diverend wall plug)..
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    Huh, this is cool, I remember just 20 years ago our Atari 2600 power supply died and we couldn't find one at any electronic stores. With USB C an adapter can be made for any console. It makes me happy to see things like this that keep old electronics alive without a overly complicated mod!
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