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Sep 2, 2003
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Dont know if this has already been posted but if it hasnt check it out. Its pretty damn funny.

You guys have to learn to tolerate such people who are into uh... shemale pornography. We must respect everyone as unique with their very own personality and interests. And in his case, he's into shemale videos. But we have to respect that. Let's all start respecting his views by saying that guy, whoever he is, is a ghey pervert who's into some weird shit. And seems to openly express his shemalian ways under his forum name.

Nice tits...if only you had a cock.

... :)
What an embarrising fetish :lol:

but seriously *twitch* that's the kind of thing that makes you want to get AIDS tested after looking at it :blink:
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Yeah, we respect his weird turnons, but its still very funny, plus his desktop looks very boring and badly organised. Too many shortcuts, standard XP theme etc. nothing wrong with that, but nothing worth showing off on a forum either.
Who would be stupid enough to have a shemale vids folder on there desktop?

Friend turns on computer, looks at folder, gets freaked out and leaves.
Having folders on the Desktop is godawful in itself. If you want to have quick acess to some folder, you hide it in a sidebar.

EDIT: And he has a Party Poker Shortcut on his desktop :lol: I bet his drive is full of adware, he sure wonders why those Shortcuts keep coming back after he deleted them.
Moral of the story: You can cause a great stir in the internet by making an empty folder on your desktop and calling it "Shemale Vids" or something similar, then posting a screenshot. :rolleyes:
Hahahahaha, damn that's embarassing :D
Well, it hard to respect that, but hey I and all of you guys should respect it. So I do...

But it still is funny :lol: