Changing layout of external keyboard


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Nov 19, 2011
Uncanny Valley

I had a Bluetooth keyboard once, but since it made my Pandora crash for some reason and had a German layout, Android mapped the English layout on it and I couldn't find a working program to fix this outside of the Google Store (which I don't use), I sold it again.
I'm thinking about getting something like this and my boss wants to have such a thing for his 8inch tablet in German layout while I'd prefer the local layout as well since I'm used to it and for öäüß etc...

Is there a working universal layout changer for bluetooth keyboards around somewhere in Fdroid or as apk by now?
Is this guide any help? Your device needs to be rooted so I'm not sure if it will help.

Never tried this but I understand that there are ways of getting APKs from the Play Store without a Google account : See Here
Keyboards from F-droid, Hacker's keyboard among which, can do this. Even the default one in Android. Hold space.
It is a function built into android, and can be enabled from settings. → language and in-data - language

Edit: If you are not on Android (?) you could do "setxkbmap de" and see if that works.