Can't Use Cccgp On Caanoo. Help Me!


Still Fresh
Jan 7, 2012
Hi. I'm new @ this. I would like to know if there's any possible way that I would be able to use CCCGP (Classic Cheat Code Game Patcher) on my Caanoo. If it is not possible, I would like as an alternitive to be able to find a program compatible w/ my Caanoo. I have tried to ask a friend of mine to help me. However, he's "computer smart" not "Caanoo smart". He has no idea whatsoever on how to do this. He & I have tossed around the idea of editing the source code of said game patcher. Like I said before, however, he just doesn't know the programing that the Caanoo runs on. Please Help Me! Thank You So Very Much. GOD Bless! B)