Cant Seem To Write To The Sd Card


Still Fresh
Nov 19, 2003
It seems I can't write anything to the SD card from the Pandora, meaning save states etc wont work. I tried formatting it with the Panasonic tool which didnt seem to help.

Its only a 1gb SD card currently formatted to FAT, is there anything special I need to do to it for it to work ?
Try this to see if it helps: Look for the tiny write-protect switch on the SD card, flick it back and forth. Sometimes, the switch it looks fine, but for some reason the card is write-protected.
I occasionally have spotty behavior from sd cards. Have you tried blowing on it and in the slot? That usually fixes it for me. Blowing might not be the best idea but maybe some alcohol to clean the contacts.
^ It's no hardware write protection. It was discussed recently, but I don't have a link at hand. Search in notaz's recent posts.