Can't charge from barrel plug


Still Fresh
Sep 19, 2010
Alberta Canada
I just got my pandora today, but I think something's wrong with the barrel plug in the pandora. The charging LED seldom turns on when it's plugged in. The AC adapter male end gives out 5 volts when tested with a multimeter. When plugged into the pandora, the charging LED will sometimes come on when the plug is wiggled.

I'm tempted to open it up to see if I can fix it myself. Maybe the barrel plug has come lose from the board. I don't want to lose my warranty if it's something that I can't fix though.

I haven't found a usb cord to try charging from a computer yet.
Do you have a PSP, or know someone that does? It uses the same AC adapter, so you could test with one of those and narrow down the problem.

I'd advise against opening it for a look, unless you're already confident that you can fix it (if indeed it needs fixing). Not worth voiding your warranty and risking other damage for a fishing expedition IMO.

(This is a really long shot, but I wonder if your battery is making proper contact? Ensure the wrapping is not wrinkled around the copper contacts, preventing it from pushing down onto the PCB properly. Try a folded piece of paper between the battery & lid, too, to add a little pressure. Just a note: Don't take the battery in and out with the mains connected. Always do your battery swapping with the AC adapter unplugged.)
I guess I should have mentioned that I was able to turn it on since the battery was at half charge. The LED was blinking while I wiggled the cord without the pandora shutting off.
The advice is the same (ignoring the stuff about the battery). At this point you don't know if it's the Pandora PCB, or the moulded plug of the power supply. So try to get hold of a PSP charger and see if it behaves the same.

You don't want to pull the Pandora apart and void your warranty because the AC adapter was dodgy ;)