Caanoo Or Wiz

We've done this thread a few times. I'm a happy owner of both and it's almost entirely down to taste. The analog stick isn't that different from a d-pad, except for double-taps, etc. The wiz lacks an accelerometer but the OLED screen is brighter. The Caanoo has no tearing issues, but the speakers are awkwardly placed. This could go on. The stick, screen, size, shape, accelerometer, and usb port are the major points of difference. I tend to play my wiz more often. It's more portable.
Yeah, we had this question in another thread or numerous more maybe.

Anyway, I loooove so much the Caanoo that I ordered another one. My old one was broken and then I poured some water into it too and now it's totally useless.
I couldn't live without a Caanoo. But I couldn't buy because I am jobless. Today I got paid enough money for a student work I have finished and decided to buy something.
I had three options, Nintendo 3DS, a new motherboard&cpu compo because my old one is about to die and Caanoo. And imagine, I ordered a Caanoo of course (from greek buy site that surprisingly brings em here, caanoo, wiz, dingoo and others). That's how much I love the Caanoo!

p.s. And when I get it, it's time to go back (I hope) into developing for it again. Maybe I should update my old benchmark, but I'd like to finally try the 3d accelerator one day. There are still not enough apps using the GPU and I'd like to test what the performance is in such a handheld (maybe have some GPU tests in my benchmark). Time will say.
p.p.s. Got the white version this time, just for a change.
To be honest caanoo is much better than wiz because has better hardware performance,g-sensor,analog stick good to play for arcade games,vibrating motor,wiz doesn't have all this,so caanoo is much better.
Both machines lack from one thing usb cable charge,when playing on tv it only lasts 15-20 minutes on battery and you can't charge while connected to tv plus there is no adaptor socket,which is really bad.
Currently for what I used my WIZ for, I'm preferring the WIZ.

Then again, I'm new to the Caanoo, and perhaps there's something I'm not doing, but when running MAME I cannot increase the clock speed above 700mhz, which means some of the more advanced mame games run comparatively worse on the Caanoo from my own experience.

I'm still trying to figure out if that's a limitation of the device, or the emulator.

However, the Caanoo does have a really nice joystick and the screen is bright, clear and bigger than the WIZ.

I would honestly say at this point I'm glad I have both, but if I can figure out how to offset some of the mame-related problems associated with the Caanoo, I'd use it a lot more.