Bogus Dge Camera


Still Fresh
Sep 7, 2010
I am trying to play with the DGE library.

I am facing a strange problem.

The Camera class methods are fine if I compile for my host linux platform, but when I compile for Caanoo, the MoveForward MoveSideward, RotatePitch and RotateYaw act really oddly.

I am trying to implement my own routines when compiling for caanoo, until it may be fixed, but I find it really weird.

Has anyone noticed it? Or is my ToolChain broken?

=== Edit : 4/10 ===

Ok, I think I got it : from the DGE sdk Manual :

SetTransformViw: Sets the View Matrix in the 3D pipeline.
If the view matrix is to be created in a space where the z axis on the x-y plane is directed upwards
in the OpenGL environment, row 2 and 3 of the matrix should be exchanged and row 14, 24, and
34 should be reversed.

But I still don't understand why it works on my linux host using OpenGL, and not on the caanoo using OpenGLES

On top of that, I don't like the way rotations a handled by the DGE Camera.
So I wrote my own transformation code, which computes the view matrix using quaternions and pass it directly to the Camera.