Problem Compilating D:

crow_riot said:
you could also try ethernet gadget. or like everybody else without working wifi and nonworking gadget, work with logfiles to find the point where you app crashes (i created audiorace with that method).

to answer your question: you cant seriously debug without having a connection to the caanoo from your pc may it serial gadget, ethernet gadget, or wifi.

Wow! Ethernet gadget rulz!! But i just already bought a Wifi adapter xD

Im going to use both maybe... why Ethernet gadget isnt on =/

Anyways, i dun' know that... but gdb for ARM9 (caanoo) was on GPH_SDK/tools :eek: Im just using GPH_SDK + Makefiles instead toochain + compilation script... i just found a great Makefile structure ;)

Thank you guys!
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