GP2X Blitting Functions With Rlyeh's Minilib


Still Fresh
Sep 19, 2005
Gothenburg, Sweden

I'm wondering if anyone know of a document, webpage or some other info on writing blitting functions similair to what SDL have? I'm thinking of migrating from SDL to just using rlyeh's minilib, but todo that I need to code some blitting-functions, so it will be easy to do the jump from SDL in my game.

Any information is appreciated, thanks.
hahaha, betraying SLD, huh? the minilib is just quick hack. wait for gp2xsdk (HH). This will take some time. Actually waiting ist the best till stuff get worked out.
I'm using Rlyeh's Minimal SDK. I've just written my first image loading and blit routine, but the blit is not fast by any means and it is nothing like SDL. It doesn't even use standard image types. The images have to be pre-processed on the PC into a special file format before my image loading routine can use them. So I don't think they will be useful to anyone else just yet.