Blips A Dos Bips Remake


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Mar 29, 2006
hey guy's,

i've made another game that works on my sokoban engine. It basicly is the same as sokoban except that you don't have to push boxes on a certain spot but you need to collect all blue stars. You also have to watch out for dynamite that explodes when being touched. Boxes can be exploded as well. The orginal game was called bips, it was a dos game written by bryant brownell. I've tried to contact him but his email bounced back and i could not find a website or sumthing related to him. So i hope he's ok with me recreating his game and his levels.

anyway I've made a quick movie of the game on youtube. you can see it here :

The music will change doh, expect a release soon !
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It looks really fun, exploding dynamite and blue stars! :)

Excellent work joyrider, as always!
looks great. You are way up there in the hall of fame of all-time homebrew heroes ^^