Best programs for making sprites?


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Jul 3, 2009
What programs can you recommend for making sprites? I already love using GIMP and once I'm good enough at using Blender I'll use it to make objects, then fill them in later. But any other recommendations?
Thanks, there's still a lot in those sprites that I'd like to change at some point (like the artilleries, they're too similar), but well, so much to do and so little time :)
I recommend using GIMP with a special set of brushes, like my very own GIMPixel. If you have any suggestions for improvements or more brush ideas (or would like to donate a palette) let me know.

mtpaint's biggest strength is its indexed colors being relatively easy to edit. GIMP allows you to do that as well, with a little work. It's a shame there's still not a great way to animate on GNU/Linux. The closest you'll get is the GIMP GAP plugin.
At the risk of getting stoned, if you're on Windows (He said it! Stone him!) then GraphicsGale is superb. It's free (paid version just adds ico support) and is designed for doing animation.
Gale will also run in wine. It's what I used when I was a Windoze user.
(on windows 7) I use Paint Shop Pro v9 (last version before Corel took it over and ruined it) and it's animation bolt on
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