Attach GBA to GP32

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Oct 26, 2003
Sup? I know it sounds wierd. But is it possible to attach the "Inners" on the Gba to the back of a Gp32 (with a good plastic shell). and solder the wires from the Gba to the Gp32 buttons and screen? OR Am i making this sound too simple. Cuz that would be cool, even if it would add about .25lb to the unit.

-Matt (no idea what he's talkin about, just thought of it while high"
Wow what an as_s. Thanks man ur awesome. Just what i needed. It is possible to run the hardware through the GP32's Moniter, just need the right items.

WHy the god damnwould you do that, but maybe its possible. The dimensions/# of pins for the screen of either system escape my mind, bt im sure someone could make a converter or transverter for it. But who would. Plus the joystick would take some maad modifications to work ont he gba (not that mad but everythign would have to be inverted since there's no room behind the GBA d-pad to fit the microswitches of the GP32 stick).
Oh wait, maybe I should respond by saying something like NO, JUST NO.
Yup that’s a much better idea, I'll just dismiss the entire idea in an act of self righteous ignorance. Or maybe I'll criticize your idea by comparing it to something super mega impractical even though the project idea is original and possibly feasible.

Remember GP32xtreme community: Don't think for one second that you aren’t walking on eggshells. How dare you try and throw out an idea on a whim. I mean, you act like someone might appreciate it, or god forbid follow through with it. We all know that modifying hardware in our world doesn’t happen, so if you ever get ideas about anything creative, just suppress them completely. That’s what discussion forums are for, remember?

Here is a perfect example of what I’m saying. Ignorance WHAT AN IDIOT, RIGHT.
Kandor: You're new here so I'll just not take you're attitude seriously. If you had been here for more than two weeks you would know that questions like this are asked all the time. Ok I'll admit my response was not the most enlightening thing I could have said, but hell it just gets to you when you see the same dumb shit asked over and over. These fourms have a search for a reason, is it that hard to use it? There may not be a topic with the exact same question, but if you search you might find something similar.

and another thing

FUCK YOU! :angry:

I know that many people here have wanted to say the same thing to you ever since you came here. Is it your job to act like a dick everytime someone says something you don't like? All you have done here is insault people and then act like a childish bitch whenever someone calls you on it.

ps: say whatever you feel like saying, but I won't read it let alone respond to it so you'd just be wasting you're time.
Well it looks like I struck a nerve Grande. If you weren't taking my attitude seriously, then why am I getting responses like:

FUCK YOU! (angry face)

Not to mention the fact that you are acknowledging me in the first place. It lets me know that not only do you care, but you are even willing to take the time to let me know how you feel inside. Despite what you may think, I do appreciate that. The funniest part is the fact that you are reading this right now. You shouldn't let peoples comments get to you so hard because like it or not, I am a member of your community. Just stay cool brother.
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.... Dude I was High, like i said when i first posted... OMFG. I'll laugh all day now.

I just told some kid that Korn is Pop, and he wants to kick my ass. <-- posted cuz it's funny.

Dun get fuckin pissed cuz of a quick comment. I was just joking!!!!!!!!



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Couldn't game boy color already play regular Gameboy games?
Actually I think this is an interesting idea. Combine the best homebrew handheld with the best commerical handheld. I'm seriously thinking of taking up this project. However, as people said, it would require some nasty modifications, and you could be marked for assasination by the Nintendo Assault Team.

Ignore the insults, but you must remember that the GBA is like the GP32's evil nemesis (even though it looks like there's no way the two can commericially compete).
my freaking gosh, be nice to the newbie. some people don't know all of the differences between the lcds. holy crap.
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