Beta Atari 800 Emulator *almost Final*


May 13, 2008
Ok, thanks for the feedback!

This is quite strange, then. I deleted all my config files in appdata, so I just have a vanilla version, I guess. Since it's hosted on FB, I'm not sure which is the latest version. On the wiki, it points to , but maybe there is a newer version somewhere ?

Anyway it gave me hope, so I'll try to make it work again.

Cheers! :)

Edit: Finally found this one, which seems to be an updated version:
Hosting on FB really requires digging deep, especially since our friend Streak is quite productive. The link was not even in a wall post, but in a comment to a post written in August 2011. Not sure this great work receives the exposure it deserves ;)

Edit 2: This new version works like a charm, it's even classified in the correct EMULATORS category. Nice one Streak! ;)