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Nov 9, 2006
Green Bay, WI
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It would seem that it is possible for Armored Core to play on the GP2X. This bodes well for me as i have been a fan from the beginning. Now all i have to do is make some iso. Anyways, how long untill the playstaion emulator becomes more stable? I don't have the know how to fix it's bugs, but i would like to meet the creator of the emulator. I would also like to meet some oldschool fans. All of you out there who love armored core, give me a shout!
Unfortunately, from the current GP2X specs, you can't play PS1 games at full speed. Even with the best possible emulator, however a better rate can be achieved indeed. There should be a new version released soon, so you'll have to wait, it's a long and hard project, so you have to give them time, and if you REALLY liked to play, then consider donating. It will help speed up the process by motivating them and possibly enabling them to get better equipment to code/test with.

In the mean time try the Sega Emulator (PicoDrive) :D and play Battletech. It's an old school version of Mech Warrior, which could be considered the old skool armored core :) (in my opinion anyway).
There was also an old Amiga classic called "Mechforce"; it was also known as "Battleforce".
This was a pure tactical games based on the board game but had excellent realtime/turn-based gameplay (poeple who've played it will know what I mean).
You could completely design your own mechs and then try them out in battle. Man, that was a good game! I may even get my Amiga out to play it again! :D
Thank you for your coments, I'll definately get those emulators. And btw, now that PS3 is out, i can call PS1 games oldschool. Thank you for your considerations.
imo aconsole becomes oldschool when.. its 3 generations old or is over 10 years old (and the ps1 fits both of those) but hats just me...