Anyone Have A Google Nexus One?


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Oct 26, 2009
I'm looking for some advice on a Nexus One. I'm in Australia so I'll probably import an unlocked one.
I'm after as much advice as possible as it's not released over here and it's an expensive risk buying a phone from overseas and not knowing if it's any good.

I want to replace my iPhone. Nexus one is at the top of my list!

I'm looking for people who have one to give me their personal opinions of it.

Looking for Pro's and Con's and IF POSSIBLE comparison to an iPhone. Like features, marketplace (vs Appstore), ebook reader (html/txt/pdf as ebooks as well).


The music player? Is it anywhere near as good at the iPod (on iPhone)?? I don't like iTunes a great deal, but I like the setup of "everything in it's place". It's very functional.
I like the look of the Nexus One. If someone offered me one in exchange for my iPhone, I'd probably go for it. I also like the look of the Motorola Devour

Have you seen Engadget's Nexus One review?
Not yet. I am looking at some reviews now.
I don't want company reviews.

I'm after biased and unbiased personal opinions. I want to hear what people hate about it and all the bad.
Kingoddball, there is one local retailer that sells them unlocked. It's technically a grey import, but it has a 12 month local warranty. A guy I know on another (Aussie) forum has one, he upgraded from a HTC Magic. I'll dig up some of his feedback for you.

Here's the store:

You can probably save money buying elsewhere, but you'll have no warranty. Feedback on their service is pretty good. They've got a brick & mortar sales office too, so it's not just some guy's back shed operation!
Ok, more infos.

General advice for Aussie buyers:

Here are some posts from my internet friends. They both talk their phones up whenever they can but they're also pretty frank about niggles.

battery-wise i went from an old phone that could stay awake for 4 days without charging to one that does 1 day when facebooking/browsing all day (wi-fi). it was a fair trade though considering this is a smartphone.

one thing i noticed is when you plug it into the mains for charging the thing gets pretty hot. this is not the case with USB charging obviously but that's also a shitload slower. i've found mains does a full battery in about 2 hours.

something that annoyed me a bit is the micro-b plug and not the mini-b found on the HTC magic for which i still have all the cables. so fuck!

be aware that if you're not on vodafone, you won't get access to paid apps. which is BEWLSHIT! fuck you, other carriers!

battery life is a bit better than my old magic, so long as you don't leave it on for ages with the highest brightness level (if you're like me and have a long screen timeout)

Direct sunlight is a little difficult, but not impossible - just have to crank the brightness up to max with the widget when you're outside (if you can find it)

3g Reception - no issues for me at my work or home (fortunately voda cover me here).. on the m2 for work and back there are a few blackspots so it drops in and out for maps/waze, but so long as I'm within voda's coverage area's it works fine.

Only real issue I've had is the touch screen becoming unresponsive on a hot day + direct sunlight in the car whilst charging and using waze (it was high 30's day + black car).. took it down from it's suction mount and the phone was quite hot.. But i'm sure any phone with a current 1ghz chip would behave the same. Got a vent mount for the nexus on the way so it can keep cool (albeit just as the weather has taken a change for the cool)

Ringer level is fine for me, apparently there are louder volume hacks for that make it loud as all balls though.

Oh, one other issue, speakerphone mode doesn't seem to work very well, you can hear the other person fine, but you really have to hold the phone up to your mouth - possibly due to the two noise cancelling mics.. nothing a blueant car kit doesn't fix though.