Any mobile/cell phone network gurus in the house?


Feb 28, 2008
Sydney, Australia
Last week I picked up a HP Pre 3. It's an AT&T model from Canada, and I'm using it in Australia on Telstra. I love the phone, but soon after setting it up it started rebooting itself. I went to the webOS Nation forums and found an active thread, where a few people were having the issue. A bit of chatting revealed that everyone having the issue was in Australia, and on Telstra.

I found some information elsewhere saying that because the Pre 3 wasn't released here, Telstra don't have a back end configuration for it. They have an online utility for setting your phone model, which apparently ties a back end configuration to your account. The suggestion was that setting it to Galaxy S2 works well for the Pre 3. I did this, and I haven't had a reboot in 3 days.

But others have done it, and they're still rebooting. The main difference between them and me, is that I've been relatively stationary in a regional area all week, and they are doing a lot of tower-hopping in city areas. Adding to the intrigue is that Telstra is currently rolling out a new 4G network in metro areas. We don't yet have solid proof that the network is to blame, but all the evidence points to it.

Here are the Pre 3 and Telstra radio bands:

PRE 3 (Source: HP Pre 3 - Full phone specifications )

2G: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

3G: 900 / 1900 / 2100

TELSTRA (Source: )

2G: 900

3G: 850 / 2100

4G: 1800

I presume the Pre 3 is automatically switching to 900mhz for 2G, and 2100mhz for 3G.

Advice from a friend-of-a-guy at Telstra is that the 4G network rollout can affect 2G phones that use 1800mhz. The Pre 3 can use 1800mhz for 2G, but the question is, will it detect an 1800mhz 4G signal and attempt to use it for 2G? And if this is happening, could a protocol mismatch cause the phone to crash?

I know it's a long shot asking here, but we do have a pretty broad spectrum (pardon pun) of people here. And it's pretty hard to get these questions answered by phone companies.