About To Buy A Wiz, A Couple Of Quick Questions

glezmen said:
Electric Moose said:
Well, it seems that I'm increasing the activity of the Wiz section by spamming stupid questions. :p

Is there anything to keep in mind when transferring stuff to the NAND memory? Is it safe to remove those crappy built-in games and such? I was thinking of installing all my emulators on the NAND and actual roms, mp3s and such content on the SDHC card. Or would it be wiser to leave the NAND alone and put stuff only on the SD card?

Edit: Well, I'll just leave the NAND untouched and place everything on the SDHC card only so that I won't fuck up anything.

you will lose everything you put on the NAND if you upgrade the firmware, so i would leave it as it is...

I dont keep anything in the NAND for the exact reason, plus a 16gb SDHC can be had for $30 + free shipping at newegg.
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geez thats cheap, i also never store much on the nand.
I don't however leave this charging to long. as a lot of things still recommend that you don't do this.
My friend almost burnt his house down about 5 months ago charging an rc heli.
Last update in my thread. My Wiz has been held hostage at the customs' office on thursday, so it was delivered only today. I just unpacked it and now it's charging. It's smaller than I thought, although it feels good in my hands.

Should any other Italian Wiz-owner-wannabe wonder, I actually ended up paying customs (the normal VAT -> IVA conversion + something that the guys at the office probably just made up to have fun), saving on the final price ~25 euros. Not as titillating as 60, but still worth it. (Keep in mind I also used a 10$ coupon on ThinkGeek)

I feel like an idiot asking seemingly stupid questions, but I want to be 100% sure I'm not reducing the lifespan of the battery. Is it okay to use the Wiz while it's fully charged and connected to the PC for extended periods of time? It should bypass the battery and get power only from the USB port, but I have a little concern it might instead constantly drain and recharge it.