A320 Price Increase?


Still Fresh
Apr 26, 2011
So, I checked out Dingoo listings for the A320 on eBay, and found that a lot of the A320 models now start off at roughly $100 to $130, where the A380 starts off at around $120. Of course, Deal Extreme still sells the A320 for $70, but what happened to all of those A320 bundles on eBay where you'd pay $100 for an A320 with Dingux, a case, bag, a ton of games, memory card, etc.? Has the A320 been discontinued due to the A380 out?
Hmm, well I see the Dingoo a320 is back and on sale at ThingGeek.com again..
I didn't consider Think Geek, considering that they've been sold out of the A320 for ages, but it's nice of them to have them back.

I also see that they restocked on the Wiz, and it's on sale too! I'm almost tempted to re-buy it.
... and all the wiz were gone in about 24 hours :p Seriously though, if I had the money I probably would've bought a second one... I like how brilliant it's little display is and it's like a mini GP2X that lasts longer than an hour :p