Looking Into Getting A Dingoo A320


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Mar 12, 2011
Hi guys,

I've been looking around for a Dingoo A320 to play mostly 16-bit and MAME games.

Deal Extreme has a stock model for $80.61 shipped and I saw one on ebay (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190406078186&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT) that is pre-loaded with Dingux and accessories (Black Dingoo A320 +Dingux +4GB Mini card +Bag +Skin) for $105 shipped.

Would anyone have experience buying from either of these places, and if so, which do you recommend?

I got mine from this seller(toy_bar) a year ago and about a month later I bricked it and tried EVERYTHING to recover it, I sent it to him and I got it back with all my stuff intact!,no problems at all Just a 10 dollar shipping charge. I highly recommend that seller.

classicgamer1968 said:
Would anyone have experience buying from either of these places, and if so, which do you recommend?

I don't have a Dingoo so I can't comment on that (rockin a Wiz right now). But if you order off of Dealextreme be prepared to wait more then a month for it to arrive unless you pay extra for shipping. Just a heads up, I think ThinkGeek still has the Wiz for $100 USD.
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I bought it on deal extreme, received it in 2 weeks in holland for 58 euro, no problems.
If you have the patience to flash it, go with the deal extreme one.

I have a Dingoo for a few days now, and today I finally got to install dingux.

Let me explain, you NEED a MiniSD card to install Dingux.
And installing is frustrating, you need to read multiple guides and create your own steps.
I didn't receive my SD card until today.
If you buy a Dingoo you should really buy a MiniSD along with it (or better a 8GB MicroSDHC in a MiniSD adapter).
I also suggest you use a Linux Distro to flash your Dingoo with dual boot.
Read some guides on this before deciding to buy a Dingoo, you can't really go without Dingux.

I bought the Caanoo and the Dingoo in the same month (I received the Caanoo about 2 weeks earlier).
If you have the money I suggest to go for the Caanoo, Caanoo was 125 euro for me and Dingoo 58 euro.
Dingoo has more homebrew, but the homebrew on Caanoo runs smooth.
And on Caanoo you can run Ginge to run GP2X and Wiz apps.

Dingoo is nice if you want to experiment with homebrew, run gameboy and nes games.

Currently I use my Dingoo as mp3 player and for Gameboy/Nes games, and my Caanoo for all the other emulators.
I prefer the Dingoo for these types of games cause of the dpad.
And as an mp3 player its great, the build in mp3 player is already very good, I haven't tried homebrew players yet.
It has the headphone input on the side (meaning you can't really use headphones if you play a game, but you can easily slide it in your pocket for music).
If using it as an mp3 player is important to you, you should go for a Dingoo.

When I bought these handhelds, I didn't look for a review or opinion.
I looked for the specs and what kind of homebrew it could run.
And I knew I would be satisfied with a little device like this.