A Midi File Player?


Still Fresh
Dec 28, 2005
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... why not? I've looked at the archive for something to play MIDI files, but always come up null. OldPlay in the Wiki says it can do it, but in practice that's not true. It'd be rather easy, too, since MIDI playing is incorporated into SDL, if I remember correctly. And with TiMIDIty ported, the opportunity is just itching to be taken.

But why even restrict it to just General MIDI? OPL3 midi files would be nice to be able to play (at least, I think they sound nice - Simon the Sorcerer doesn't sound right without it), and I'm sure there's Adlib emulation in ScummVM, DOSBox, and some bits of MAME. And even though it's pie in the sky (since emulation isn't even finished yet) MT-32 sound would complete the ensemble. Er, forget the last bit. It's probably impossible. Add a playlist and you're off! Not taking into account the MIDI wavetable folder on your SD/NAND it would take up less space than a load of mp3s. =)

As for actually programming it, I would volenteer to do it myself, but I'm about as useful as a smoked haddock for SDL. I do, however, want to help if there's any interfaces to do graphics for. A nice EGA/CGA skin would be pretty relevant, I think.