1GHz Pandora for Sale ***SOLD***


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Aug 18, 2012
I am selling my good as new 1GHz Pandora. Included are the wooden box and the AC-adapter.

Sadly I am very short on time and maybe another forum member can put it to good use.

The condition is A1.

Price including shipping and packaging for Europe is 500,- Euros.

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There is no catch. Due to upgraded preorder through ED and me not having to pay VAT (own business) I got the 1GHz Pandora rather cheap. I don't want to make any profit from this sell.

A1 is my term for very good condition (unpacked it, flashed newest firmware and used the Pandora for about 20 hours).
Hi, I'm a brand new member of this community and I'm interested in buying a1ghz Pandora. Yesterday I sent you also a message, so please let me know you have still the console and of course if you are still interested in selling it.
I'll buy it if its still available. PM me your payment details.