1gb Sd Card Ruined

well I said i found some cheap 2GB SD cards in another thread which i cant find now, but i didnt want to share incase they where sold out before i got mine, so i just got mine and there should be 4 left:

SanDisk 2GB Secure Digital -

Subtotal: £47.47
Shipping (Standard UK Delivery): £2.00
VAT: £8.66
Total: £58.13

couldnt find cheaper anywhere here in the uk..please dont find anywhere cheaper haha as i'll be gutted since i just bought one :)

oh and the site here: http://www.tiktak-it.co.uk/

just search for the card name
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Just format it.  If you pulled it out during a write it can corrupt the data, a format will fix all.
The card reader can't see the card to be able to format it.
what do you mean?, you can see the card, but cannot format it?

No, I put the card in the card reader i click on removable disk I and it tells me to insert a card. The reader is not reading anything even though I put the card in.

if your using windows have you tried control panel > Adminastrative tools > computer managment? then goto disk management and you should be able to repartition and format it and such there
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