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Oct 19, 2010
i know all of you guys think it is not a good idea but the new programmers wouldn't mind it at all. if i get it donei will post it so you can try it out, i might have a guy to get it done...any way here is the spec:
first draft of the spec!

standard html attributes
other attributes from <img>
frames = "id1,id2,id3" - build animations out of <img> tags
timing - timing between frames in milliseconds

standard html attributes
play(x%) - plays at x amount of time, default 0
pause - pauses the song, opun playing agoin will continue where it left off
stop - pauses the song and resets play(x%) to 0
profile - sets up controls for multiple devices(only aanoo right now) #Note- could be a doc type

x/y - moves the camera view but doesn't affect the other items
zoom = "in/out" - zooms in/out the screen

type = "hit, box" - hit is based off non-keyed pixel collision/box is based on two <img> tags touching
id - links to condition
<collision id="hero_badguy_weak" type="hit">
<var id="hero_health" value="(value-5)">
vibration = "x%" - strenght of vibration

standard html attributes
divs are by default floating over each other like layers
they also run stuff concurrently(like multithreading) - if you can

other attributes from <img>
id - name of the item
shape = "rect,poly,circle"
x1/x2/y1/y2 - for rect
X1-Xx/Y1-Yx - for poly
r = circle

initalize variables
load items eg. audio, images

standard html attributes
load type - this tells whether the img load on command on when needed
key - subracts colors from the image...green screen effect
alpha - adjusts the transparency
angle - the angle of the image
x/y - location within game area

// basic style if code
if foo > bar then something
-- or --
if foo > bar
joy(direction) = x% - % for caanoo, 0/1 for other systems
button(1,2,3,4) = "tap, press, hold" - button states

mouse(1,2,3) = "0/1" - as interactive entity

vertical - how much movement vertically
horizontal - how much movement horizontally

volume - how loud
brightness - how bright
vibration = "x%" - vibration strenght

id - name of item
value - content of item
type = "var, 2d, 3d"
position - position in array, can retrieve var value without id with the position

standard html attributes
attributes from audio
attributes from <img>


Jun 9, 2008
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monstercameron said:
the spec may change to be more basic in design without xml/html style syntax!
Good, you are defining the language, this is the first step to see this implemented. But in my oppinion is a weird language and very limitated to animations. Games often uses complex conditions like: "if (x>0) and (x>100) then a=3; b=5; endif" ¿How do you want to manage this?
Last question ¿Why create a game language over a web browser? ¿Why not create a simple syntax language like BASIC or Pascal?, is a bad decission in a handheld device, because this apps take a great amount of memory. There are no good web browsers in Caanoo too.

You can try Lua, is a very easy scripted language working on Caanoo. It's used for begginers in psp for program games too.
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