1 year after, what's up with this handheld


Sep 12, 2006
Quebec, Canada
That day when, before leaving home, the postman rang at my door.

God damn it, what a good day. I won't tell you the whole story because you know what's left to say : got it, life ended.

Anyways, my post here is about something more, lets say, interesting : what changed.

Am I disappointed? You'll see. Read on.

First of all, excuse my english : I'm from Quebec, Canada and my primary language is french.

Second : I have a new best friend. I'm not a gamer styled person neither a Linux high-end user.

I'm someone who, while looking for weird handhelds, found the Pandora prototype in 2007. I was like : man, I just love noodles, let's dream on.

During that time, Van Halen came to the Summer Festival, then Kiss, then Iron maiden.

Then got a job, then got money.

Then, my interest into retro gaming started to evolve. During those years, I've found myself to actually LIKE old games. So I've bought a N64, a SNES, a NES and a PS1. But that's home gaming.

So, Pandora came back in my head. I wanted that handheld. And, luckily, found Stephan Laarson ''GUNE'' and bought his pandora. Wow.

A year has passed since the day I received my precious pandora. What happened during a year?

-Changed 2 times my lcd cable

-Changed 2 times my entire case

That sucks, right? NO. That handheld is fantastic. Okay, youre not going to get a nintendo 3ds with an aluminium case with high-end thibng and blablabla on it. You are getting something amazing.

In the past year, we've got :

Accurate and amazing SNES and PS1 emulator. They are by far amazing.

Working android port. Works very well on GC pandora and 1ghz, as shown in many youtube videos

Awesome audio/video players (Deadbeef/PanPlayer) and, recently, access to the DSP oh yah baby.

New board producer, new case, 1ghz units, got from old to new linux kernel, did a lot of Hotfixes.

We have an awesome community.

During a year, I evolved. My pandora evolved. We are now looking forward for Pandora 2.

Please, no war about this upcoming product. The core team, I think, acquired a lot of experience with the actual Pandora and know what they are doing. Anyway, what's coming? No one knows. What's sure : we have the best community.

Oh and btw : Now got 2 of those ''things''. Giving one to my brother when he'll leave for higher studies.

I love this handheld. Hope you like it.


Pictures :D

I havent spent one year yet on this machine, but I can share the same enthousiasm. I am spending a LOT of time playing (in all senses of the word) with it. It's a fantastic device, and honestly for all that it can do I find it's actually quite cheap.

As we say in french, "c'est de l'or en barres"
Nice... I have two now too!! I love em

There just needs to be a bit of polish on a few more emulators to make the 'accurate and amazing' list..
I love this machine also. I only wish it was as svelte as my iPhone in terms of pocketability, but other than that: the thing rules.
Nice! :)

Dear Lord, please ensure Craig gets those first batch orders all rolled out successfully soon, Amen.