1. ptitSeb

    Beta Fallout

    Here is a Fallout launcher. The game use DosBOX to make it run. You can use datas from the GoG windows version or (untested) from the Steam Windows version. Of course, the original data from the DOS CD Version should work. Either put the setup_fallout.exe in appdata/fallout or the Windows or...
  2. ptitSeb

    Release DBGL + DosBox with 3Dfx

    Here is DBGL, a DosBox launcher in java, plus latest version of Dosbox with 3Dfx hardware wraper The DosBOX version is quite fast, and Dos4GW software are somewhat useable on the Pandora. 3Dfx hardware emulation is included, and is using OpenGlide (+gl4es). The required Glide2x.ovl will be...