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    official tv-out cables any info

    Good question FaeMinx. I'm one of the original pre-orderers. I finally did get my Pandora (the Rebirth version), but am still waiting for the TV-Out cables I ordered back then, obviously ;) Can't recall if I ordered from craig or from ED's shop back then (probably craig), although I still have...
  2. Y is... Alive !!

    After the death of "PandoraPress" (, this news is really a welcome sight to me. Thanks! Of course I'll subscribe and maybe comment from time to time ;)
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    1GHz units, Classic units, repairs and TV-Out Cables (2012-08-24)

    So as far as I understand correctly, when the TV-Out cables will finally get produced, all the guys who ordered them back when they pre-ordered their Pandoras (and already got the device shipped) will receive the TV-Out cables at no extra charge?
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    PND system is crocked (New user)

    What do you think? That's what I've been doing since I got my Pandora :) Tried that, didn't do the job. Funny thing is, I think that as of yet nobody said as to why is it so and not otherwise in SuperZaxxon. That's the mind boggle :)
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    Pandora PNDManager

    Tried it out just now. "Single" tap on the sync key doesn't break the app after sync is complete, so I guess it's fixed :)
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    Best PND for dvd playback?

    SMPlayer should be able to play MPG2/VOB files, although I haven't tried it myself. Be sure to have the codec pack installed too.
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    PND system is crocked (New user)

    Sorry for not being very specific here. I wrote about my issues in more details in some other threads: I hope this helps ;) If it is indeed an intended behaviour, that PNDs from practically every "standard" folder apper in minimenu, then I think it should be noted so in the wiki. I know...
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    Best PND for dvd playback?

    Playing "DVD's from a USB drive/SD card"? Sounds a bit wrong. DVD discs usually need DVD drives ;) What do you have? A ripped DVD movie as VOB files or image/iso files of a DVD disc?
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    Valhalla on Amiga

    The original Valhalla games for Amiga, on an emulator (ATM there are some issues with UAE, from what I read), should be playable. This new PC version probably isn't open-source so the only way to make it work would be through some QEMU setup with Windows 95 on the Pandora, but I don't know how...
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    PND system is crocked (New user)

    Minimenu is a bit bonked as of Zaxxon Beta 3 and 4. PNDs placed in desktop or menu folders show up both in XFCE and minimenu. The "mmenu" folder is ignored totally. Veteran Pandora users who usually just put everything in apps probably wouldn't notice this :)
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    Pandora PNDManager

    Seems to me that the "double-click solution" is a rather bland case of "it's not a bug, it's a feature" :D
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    Pandora PNDManager

    Didn't need to go over the Milkyhelper path. Deleted the appdata folder, clicked 2 times on the sync key (Start) as per mcobit's suggestion and it works now. Magic :) (I tried just deleting the appdata before, on BF3, but that alone never helped before).
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    Firmware suggestions and contributions

    The auto-synchronization bit could be rather easily achieved with adding a ntp daemon to the OS or just the ntpdate client for occasional synchro (not automatic, needs to be run manually). Alternatively, one could make a ntpdate PND app ;)
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    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 4 released

    PND auto-discovery folder structure is still (since Beta 3 at least) a bit whacked in minimenu. PNDs places in /pandora/mmenu appear nowhere, while PNDs placed in any of the other folders appear both in XFCE (menu/desktop) AND in minimenu. But my guess is that it's strictly a minimenu thing...
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    Emulator problems

    I think it's worth noting that this folder structure and PND auto-discovery doesn't really work like you wrote Gruso. At least not in the latest Super Zaxxons (tried in Betas 3 and 4). At least for me it doesn't. I feel kinda awkward writing about this because it's not the first time I note on...
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    some PNDs not showing

    Please be a bit more precise. Did you put the PNDs in /pandora/mmenu or /pandora/menu? What OS version are you currently running? I have recently received my Pandora and found that since Super Zaxxon Beta 3 OS (maybe earlier Zaxxons too?) the PND folder structure is kind of whacked for now...
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    Inside The Box : Issue 2 : May 2012 Release

    @Binky: Well, originally it was supposed to be StreaK's thing, but I guess he gave up pretty early on after introducing the idea? Maybe 2 years ago? I for one was surprised that pmprog picked up on StreaK's idea, but that's a good thing. @foxblock: That would be great. Probably many RSS...
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    Openconsole Webzine #1 English translated

    Good, solid work guys! Now I'm waiting for issue #2 :)
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    Inside The Box : Issue 2 : May 2012 Release

    It seems that the resurrected "Inside The Box" zine is the replacement for the Unofficial Pandora Weblog/Pandorapress, since it's last update was in January? :)
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    Pandora PNDManager

    PNDManager always crashes for me when I try to sync. It crashes just after the "Sync OK" message. After I restart PNDManager, it's as if it did no sync at all and downloaded nothing. I'm running the current Beta 3 OS.