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  1. Shock-Socks

    Refund Problem.

    i must apologize, i did not realize that the 217 was in GDP not Euros. the total comes to about $333 which is much more acceptable. in the future i will endeavor to double check before i hurriedly post like this. again, i apologize
  2. Shock-Socks

    Refund Problem.

    alright, so as much as i don't like saying it, i had to get a refund. i sent my refund request to and i promptly received an email saying that my order was cancelled and that my money had been refunded. shortly after that, i got the google checkout receipt and it...
  3. Shock-Socks

    So This Sucks :(

    so there is a potential problem that i might have to deal with in the very near future, because of this i might be needing to get a refund :( .....i hate typing those words, but sometimes life gets in the way. anyway, i've searched the forums and i haven't found much in regards to the actual...
  4. Shock-Socks

    Impact Of The Pandora On My Perception Of The World

    that video is fantastic! i'm glad u shared this!
  5. Shock-Socks

    Someone Got Our Wifi Chip Working On A Bb

    "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." i think it could also be said that when you have eliminated all possibilities whatever's left is the truth, regardless of how impossible. (note: that i'm not saying this to imply that you are...
  6. Shock-Socks

    Someone Got Our Wifi Chip Working On A Bb

    YAY! hopefully we'll be able to get things working with this, though i do feel bad for the pandora team cuz they just bought all of those mini wifi dongles. :\
  7. Shock-Socks

    Sega Saturn

    i'm comin into this conversation a little bit late but i tested out the Yabuse port on my psp about a year back, and while i only got the bios up and running it was running very slow i'd say 5-7 fps MABY. but it was working, and with nearly triple the hardware specs i think a working port could...
  8. Shock-Socks


    wut wut?? what's this i hear about special offer? free stuff? i searched the forums but couldn't find any info on it. can one of yall fill me in on the details plz?
  9. Shock-Socks

    Craigx Does It Again...

    i would actually assume that the production time will be shorter for these cases than it was for the last samples. sure they are making WAY more cases than they did with the samples, but because they are making 4000 of them the priority is higher and they don't have to clear a time slot to run a...
  10. Shock-Socks

    Estimate Position

    same here :(
  11. Shock-Socks

    Out Of Curiosity...

  12. Shock-Socks

    Official Blog- A Big Thanks To All Of You!

    I think it was ED that said that we would not be able to go to the Dallas assembly line to help with assembly because of reasons like assuring quality etc. however i am interested in the idea of going to the Dallas assembly place to pick up my pandora instead of waiting for it to ship cuz, just...
  13. Shock-Socks

    Creme Filling?

    wow, thatks Gruso for the amazing reply. i was half expecting to get slammed for being "impatient" or something, so thanks allot :) and WOW all of those were ported by Pickle & Cpasjuste. i guess i didn't realize how much work those two had done. there's allot more behind those names than i...
  14. Shock-Socks

    Creme Filling?

    So now that the pandora is on it's way (congrats to the OP team by the way ;) ) i would assume that setting up the app-store (i prefer the name "The Box") and making sure that it's well populated with different programs would be the next big step before the release. that being said, i haven't...
  15. Shock-Socks

    The Cases Are Fine: Ship!

    you've got to remember that that they aren't just trying to please us, the first 4000 buyers. they are also trying to ensure that once they release the first 4000, they will be good enough and have high enough quality that it will make others want to buy it. so really, whether or not you want it...
  16. Shock-Socks

    Here Is What Will Be Happening.

    wait, so those of us that ordered after the first 500 or so, will still have to wait longer? even if you decide to do a small production run? or will the spots in the queue that belong to the people in the first 500, that don't want a slightly lower quality case, be given to those of us who...
  17. Shock-Socks

    2Nd Review Case Should Arrive Soon.

    The final cases have not yet been completed. there were some miscommunication issues between OpenPandora and the Chinese manufacturing company. check the DevBlog for more info
  18. Shock-Socks

    Appstore.. Really?

    "The Box" it only makes sense. ya' know, open THE BOX
  19. Shock-Socks

    What Games Will People Be Trying First?

    PSX: Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Castlevania Symphony of the night Kingsley's Adventure N64: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Starfox 64 Super Mario 64 Paper Mario F-Zero Dreamcast(?): Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver (if it's running better than the PSX version)...
  20. Shock-Socks

    H.264 Ipod Mp4 Movies?

    lol, dude it's called a converter. i can use the music for whatever i want to, i just have to convert it first, the reason i asked the question was to see if i HAD to convert it.