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  1. dcandc

    Pandora at Replay 2011 - Retro Gaming Expo - Let's meet up

    Well ED - I mean... there was a Cosplay competition on at the same time... I mean: priorities right?
  2. dcandc

    OP at Replay2011 video

    Mr Loon is a pinball badass. Confirmed. I was pretty happy to finish the Mutant "Hero" (Ninja) turtles arcade twice. And I spent a good hour trying to get past level two of ghosts and goblins.
  3. dcandc

    Pandora going into an infinite reboot loop on boot - help?

    Hi Ragnar, "and then the LCD brings up some random colors either in rectangles extending the length of the screen with random width, or it covers the entire screen in one color. Either way, the screen then fades out and goes back to the bootloader." When you say rectangles of random colours...
  4. dcandc

    games you cant live without

    Hmmm.. I guess for me this is just a favourite games list? Total Annihilation probably wins as a game that I install and play all the way through every couple years. I still haven't unwrapped Supreme Commander - since Total Annihilation is so good. (I got bored with Starcraft pretty quickly)...
  5. dcandc

    Pandora at Replay 2011 - Retro Gaming Expo - Let's meet up

    Right - so.. I'm going to be too busy on Saturday with my rugby and orchestra commitments - and I'll be heading to BlackHeath in London for Guy Fawkes. (5 years in a row.. .it's a bit of a tradition) But........ I'm coming on Sunday! 4 hours there - 4 hours back. So yeah... Do I qualify for...
  6. dcandc

    Comment on the avatar of the previous poster

    Waaaaayy better than mario - and I know it. I am this good - just look at me. Oh? You like my pointy red shoes? Of course you do - they're famous.
  7. dcandc

    Comment on the avatar of the previous poster

    "Run.. to... the... hills... Run for--orrrr your li-i-ife"
  8. dcandc

    Pandora available again

    I wasn't very good at geography - but I thought Transylvania was a region of Romania. I get confused with this area of the world though - maybe because the boundaries and country names have changed so much. Australia is Australia is Australia. It's much easier. (Well... maybe the Victorians...
  9. dcandc

    Pandora available again

    Transylvania? :-[ How are your canine teeth? :-p
  10. dcandc

    Pandora available again

    I can't help with your question unfortunately. I was in Slovakia yesterday though. Quite a fine country you have there. Thumbs up. Do you live in Bratislava?
  11. dcandc

    Preorders have started! (2011-10-04)

    Yeah but I've been waiting MUCH longer... I ordered mine over three hours ago! :-p
  12. dcandc

    SETI - Why look for Alien life when the odds are they have found us

    All I have to say is...
  13. dcandc

    Pandora at Replay 2011 - Retro Gaming Expo - Let's meet up

    Keen. (Translation: I am interested in attending)
  14. dcandc


    Growing up in Australia and having the English version as the default (along with I assume... all the other commonwealth countries) I was very dissappointed to learn that the English version wasn't the original. Advance token to St. Charles Place? Like what the hell? But one of those chance...
  15. dcandc


    29. Australian but been living away for 6 years. I'm a Commodore 64 user. Commodore Amiga too. Programming as a contractor.
  16. dcandc

    Pandora Compilers in a PND?

  17. dcandc

    Best Western RPGs?

    Eye of the Beholder II (and one and three)
  18. dcandc

    Possible hardware fault

    Folks, thanks for the feedback. I tried to pad the battery compartment with a piece of card that fit quite firmly but did experience the same problem on occasion. I then padded the battery with a rather thick piece of card positioned directly under the contacts and the problems have...
  19. dcandc

    Possible hardware fault

    Hi Folks, I've experienced an issue with my Pandora that is very similar to the thread here: To summarise: 1. The first boot it took a *very* long time to 'work'. Flashing green Led on the left. No red led on...